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Monday, April 2nd, 2012 08:58 pm
Anyone may post prompts -- you do not have to be a writer, artist or mixer. Writers are not required to use these prompts; they're just here in case someone needs or wants some inspiration.

Please keep in mind that prompts may be used multiple times, and adapted to any pairing; there is no "claiming" per se, as part of the fun is to see the different ways that different authors will go from the same starting point.

Most important of all? Have fun! AND GIVE US YER BUNNIES!!!

As a reminder, this what is allowed and what is not allowed in stories written for [community profile] atlantisbigbang:

  • Anything set within SGA pre-canon, canon or post-canon is fair game.

  • Anything set within SG1 pre-canon, canon or post-canon is fair game, as long as the majority of the characters are SGA characters.

  • Anything set within SGU pre-canon, canon or post-canon is fair game, as long as the majority of the characters are SGA characters.

  • Fusions are allowed; crossovers are not, with the exception of crossovers with SG1 and/or SGU.

  • Alternate and mirror universes are allowed -- and encouraged!

And...some hints for leaving good prompts:

  • Try not to be too specific - the point is to give some inspiration, not plot the entire story.

  • Try to be as general as possible with characters -- you may love McShep or Sparky more than anything, but we're are a multi-pairing, multi-genre fest, and pairing specific prompts might put people off.

  • If your prompt is lifted from somewhere else, please give credit, so that authors can too.

Still stuck? Here are some examples:

  • How do you think things were different for the expedition in the Vegas!verse? How did they get there? What happened after they met John? What do you think the other universes were like?

  • Write something set post-season 5 - how does the team manage to get the city back to Pegasus? Are the Replicators really gone? What if the city stays on Earth?

  • Put the SGA team on the Destiny. Either have them be the original team, or have them somehow replace the normal SGU characters, or hey, even have them interacting with the team already there.

  • What if the SGA teams were all actually SG teams in the Milky Way? What if the SGA team was actually ship-based, on the Daedalus?

  • Write a Harlequin featuring your favorite SGA pairing. Or a mystery. Or a steampunk AU.

  • Chose a fork in the road -- maybe the Daedalus never comes to save the day during "The Siege" or the SGA team stays put when the Atlanteans come home in "The Return." What if Ford had come back to Atlantis with Sheppard, Teyla and Ronon in "The Lost Boys" or if Beckett had ascended in "Sunday"?