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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 09:26 pm
Since I've been swamped at work, and come home only to fall down, I've not managed to close the author sign-ups.

This means if you missed the deadline, and wanted to play, you still have time to head over to the Author Sign-Ups!

For all you artists out there, we'll be opening sign-ups on 01 MAY....
Monday, April 2nd, 2012 08:18 pm
Almost everything goes in the [community profile] atlantisbigbang, and this challenge is open to any writer who wishes to participate, but you must read and agree to follow the guidelines listed below:

1) This year we will have two tiers of participation: if you complete a story of at least 25,000 words, you will have one artist/mixer. If you're feeling really ambitious and complete a story of 40,000 or more words, you will have two artists/mixers.

1a) You may write with a partner; this does not mean you have to double your word count (although that would be awesome).

2) Stories must be beta read by at least two people. (There will be a post for volunteer beta readers; check back for details.)

3) This challenge is for new stories -- if a story has appeared anywhere on the 'Net in its entirety, you may not use it for this challenge. If you already have a couple thousand of words of it up, that's fine, but you have to remove that part for the duration of the challenge.

3a) Having said that, if you have a story you've already started, it's fine to use that, as long as the bulk of the finished story is written and edited during the challenge.

3b) Sequels are allowed; just be sure to link to the original story in your notes, so people can find and read it.

3c) If you find you need some inspiration, check out the prompts post.

4) CROSSOVERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. The only exception to this rule is crossovers within the Stargate 'verse; as long the majority of the characters are Atlantis characters, you may use any other characters, plot set-ups, etc., from Stargate: SG-1 or Stargate: Universe. Fusions are allowed.

5) You may not post your story anywhere online except for the [community profile] atlantisbigbang collection at the Archive of Our Own for two weeks after the challenge goes live.

6) Story drafts (by which I mean a story with a beginning, middle and end, that meets one of the minimum word counts) are due August 15th; artists will chose stories from summaries starting August 17th. Completed stories and art are to be loaded into the AO3 collection by October 1st, with the challenge going live on October 6th or 7th.

If you agree to follow these guidelines, and plan to participate, click HERE, and fill out the form. Once you've done that, join *and* friend [community profile] atlantisbigbang. This part is important, as reminders, announcements and check-ins will be locked to members of the comm.

Please note: I will be adding a list of authors as they sign up. Once you've filled out the form linked above, please give the mods a day or so to add your name; if you've not been added after a couple of days, please PM one of the mods so they can check the status of your sign up.

Sign ups will be open from now until April 15th, but you may start writing as soon as you sign up.

ETA: Author List, as of 9:35pm EST, 24 APR 12 )
(A star next to your name on the author list means you still need to join the community; if you're an LJ user, and need help joining with your OpenID, or want a DW code, please let me know.)