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Saturday, October 6th, 2012 11:51 pm
Title: Beyond Strange
Author: Mific
Artist: Kazbaby
Sci-Fi - Futuristic Earth-based AU
contains a slightly graphic "death of a bad guy" moment.

No more GENII appeared from the roof, but it sounded increasingly crowded down below, from the pounding on the stairs. Teyla was out and up the fire escape, soft boots silent on the rusting iron mesh. A laser pulse from the roof shot past her as she rounded the final landing, burning a hole in her coat sleeve. She vaulted the top railing, grappling with the last GENII guard and then using the railing as a fulcrum to tip him down into the alley below. John winced at the wet crunch as the guard's head hit the trash converter.

John ran straight for the AGL, pulse pistol out and his ID card waving. "Vegas PD, " he yelled, hoping to confuse the pilot before he wised up and got his sidearm out. "Which unit are y–" He stunned the guy point blank before he could answer, and dragged him out from behind the controls.

Teyla was across the roof, perched on the cornice as though planning to sprout wings and fly; he wouldn't put it past her, after the way she'd fought. She was outlined against the pink dawn sky as she stared at the building across the alley, but it was easily twenty feet away – way too far to jump without AG gear or a booster pack.

John leaned out the AGL's door. "Teyla, come on, I can fly this thing. You're gonna have to trust me."

She turned and regarded him. "So it would seem," she said, leaping down and running across the roof. He lifted off neatly as she strapped herself into the co-pilot's seat.

"Hold tight, now," John said, baring his teeth. The private craft he rented at the small field near Indian Springs weren't as high-powered as this beast, but John could fly anything. As the first of the GENII spilled out onto the roof from the fire escape he cut the AGL away in a steep banking turn, offering the narrowest cross-section for their weapons as he powered her into a spiraling flight-path. He caught a glimpse of the roof as they wheeled past, seeing Kolya's face dark with rage as he aimed a combat laser rifle. John danced the AGL around the beam and cut her away, skirting a cloud of nanomissiles as he gained altitude, leaving Kolya a dark, stunted figure on the roof, staring after them as if he could bore holes through the sky.

* AGL = anti-grav lifter
  GENII squad = Global Emergency Newly Infected Induction squad


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