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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 09:01 am
Title: To Shift In Time
Author: Thothkristen
Main Pairing: John Sheppard/Evan Lorne
Summary: Evan Lorne was born into a shifter family but he did not receive the entire shifter gene. John Sheppard has been looking for his one true mate, ever since his first change. He hasn't found his mate. Once Atlantis is fully powered, she decides to engage in some tomfoolery.

I wanted to post two separate sections from my story. The first cut has the first selection and the second cut has the second selection.

Carson and Evan were in fact having an in-depth philosophical discussion.
“So, Evan, what’s the matter?” Carson asked in a low voice. He could tell that the other man had not been sleeping well by the dark circles under his eyes and his slightly pale face.

“I keep having these dreams about a lion.” Evan replied.

“John in lion form?”

“I think so. Honestly, it’s just a big honey brown lion that runs along with me, while I’m running through a jungle of some sort.”

“What happens after that?”

“The lion and I play with each other. From what I can tell, I am on all fours-- I think I’m some type of animal-- then we get near a river, and I gaze into it and see a black face with golden yellow eyes and my neck has spikes on it that are a pale reddish color.”

“What do you think you are?”

“I’m not sure definitely some kind of a dog. But what about the spikes on the neck? What do those mean? I’ve never seen those on any dog- or dog-shifter- I’ve ever met...” Evan trailed off.

Carson thought about this for a few minutes before asking, “Evan, I know we haven’t talked about it much but how do you feel about being good friends with shifters? Has it bothered you that you haven’t been able to shift yourself?”

Evan wanted to say that it didn’t bother him because he considered his close friends to be part of his family. He also knew he was an unofficial member of the shifter community and honored by that. But in truth, he yearned to be able to shift and find his true mate. Occasionally he had even allowed himself to imagine who that might be. But what was the use of that, since he would never be able to actually shift? So Evan usually ended up pushing such thoughts away again, even as he kept treading the gray line between being an ordinary human and full shifter. It hurt, since he never felt he could be completely accepted by either society.

“I would be lying if I said no.” Evan answered Carson softly.


That night, John dreamed of a black dog-like creature with bright reddish spikes around it’s neck. As John approached the animal very cautiously, its collar area dimmed and it started wagging its tail calmly. When John slowly scratched the animal’s head, it wagged its tail fast and enthusiastically, and began rubbing its head against John’s hand. He knew that he should have been scared of a creature with such glowing yellow eyes, but at the same time, he was somehow sure he was safe. When John eventually shifted to his lion form, and then he and the dog-like creature played with each other and hunted. John had enjoyed being with an animal unlike any he had ever encountered before.

It was a wonderful dream, novel and exciting, and one that took the edge off the loneliness he sometimes felt. One reason why John had willingly signed-up for the one way trip to Atlantis was in fact because he had never found his mate on Earth. Since his first shift, John had been quietly searching for his true mate but without success. How he had yearned to fill that void in his soul! He had known that for a shifter however, finding one’s true mate could be an elusive business. Now on Atlantis, he still hoped he might at least meet someone he could love enough to overcome the longing he felt for that one, special companion.

Atlantis however, had other plans.


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